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FLL (First LEGO League)

The MYP Robotics Club just finished another excellent international challenge: the First Lego League International Robotics Competition here in Qatar. Two months ago we assembled a team of seven students from the Robotics Club. These students worked very hard for this competition, as it is not simply a robotics competition. Aspects of teamwork, cooperation, generousness, sportsmanship, and other qualities were taken into place. The team had to come up with ways to share and become involved with the other teams, as well as impress upon the judges what strong team values they had. In preparation the students designed and printed T-shirts for the team, created a project that involved an innovative solution for helping the blind to learn to navigate independently (a GPS enabled walking stick with voice control), as well as making posters and prototypes in order to best present their design concept to the judges.

Following their presentation were two days of intense robotic competition. Essentially they needed to program their robot to navigate through an obstacle course in which the robot interacted with a wide variety of mechanisms.

Our team did very well against the other schools, even though they were up against some very tough competition. We won 3rd Place overall in Robotic Design, something to be very proud of indeed!

We are very proud of our Robotics Club team and we are working hard already on preparing for the competition next year. It goes without saying that we had a lot of fun, and most importantly we learned the value of teamwork and friendly competition.


On Sunday, our students had the opportunity to participate in the Jr. FLL (Junior First LEGO League). We traveled to another school and showed our project to other participants in addition to looking at their projects.

Students in the robotics club worked together to complete the Jr. FLL challenge. Our students built a space museum which included a telescope. We did research to learn more about telescopes and interviewed Mr. Ayaz as well. After conducting our research we put together our presentation board and constructed the museum.

Students enjoyed presenting their work to others. We even won an award “Inquiring Minds”. Finally, the team did a wonderful job of representing our school. They were very respectful towards others and made time to visit each of the other teams. Please look below to see pictures from the day.

Today we met Scratch!

Scratch_cat_largeToday we met Scratch. We have learnt that if we want to create a robot, we have to learn how to program it first. Because a robot needs to be programmed to work. Then, we started to use Scratch, this is the software we need for programming, we have learnt to move a little bit, and turn it. Next Tuesday, we will learn more things. Of course if you want to use it, you can do so by clicking on the image below, or using the link on the side bar. Remember this is an online software, you don’t need to install anything only click on Try It Out and that’s all! Are you ready for the challenge?



Qatar e-Nature app and School Contest!

Qatar E-Nature logoToday I would like to tell you about a very  interesting multiplatform app Qatar e-Nature. In this app you will be able to find part of the flora and fauna living in Qatar. You can look for birds, insects and flowers. You will find interesting information about this kind of flora & fauna. They are proposing a school contest, in which you have to answer some questions, (you will find the answers in the app), and you can send a picture that you have taken in Qatar. Go, take you’re picture!

Qatar e-Nature

You can click on the image to download the brochure. In it you will find the amazing prizes you can win.
To participate click here.
To download the app you can use this QR codes. You can use it on-line in any browser going to the website below. (You can click on the image below to go there).
Qatar e-Nature QR


25th anniversay of the web

This NeXT Computer was used by Berners-Lee to invent Internet. It was the first Internet server. Image font, Wikipedia.

25 years ago, on 12th march of 1989, a man called Tim Berners-Lee thought it should exist a better way to share information. Internet already existed but the only thing he could do was send and receive e-mail and not much more. The websites didn’t exist. It wasn’t possible to search in Google, could you imagine?… And he invented WWW. (World Wide Web). The best way to share information with all the world. What do you think? Could you imagine a world without Internet?

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App. Evernote

Evernote Evernote. This is a very interesting app multiplatform. You can use it in all your devices, phones, tablets, laptops or desktops. It’s like a little notebook where you can write things, and you can organize in different notebooks, use tags, add pictures, add sounds, … It’s a very recommended app.